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Goals for Premium

Premiere Classe Bellelumie

1. Clinical Partnership Program
– A support system coordinated with Dr. Seolreim
2. Expanded differentiation through the use of professional beauty devices
– Provides professional beauty devices certified through physical application test results
3. Use of professional medical and clinical cosmetics
– Provides professional cosmetics, Dr. Seolreim
4. Professional aesthetics training
– Seminars and Skincare-based curriculum through Bellelumie Beauty School and Dr. Seolreim clinics.
5. Celebrity Endorsements
– Dr. Seolreim’s marketing approach
6. Brand Target & Achievements
– Dr. Seolreim’s PR approach

Bellelumie’s Strategies for Success

Bellelumie operates various programs for the early establishment of franchise stores and through this, we provide various benefits to the franchises and provide active support to promote stable sales.

Provides professional
beauty devices
Specialized beauty devices for every aesthetic shop.
Supply Cosmetics
Carefully-formulated solutions for every clinic and beauty shop.
Financial Lifeline
Endorsing low startup costs through temporary exemption of deposit fees.
Exceptional Skincare Programs
Operate diverse and customized regimens under the Belle series.
Franchise Benefits (Max: 30 Branches)
Deposit exemption
+ Belle series
+ Dr. Seolreim
+ unlimited support
Bellelumie Strategy for Success
1. A professional and pure domestic brand that combines the clinical know-how of a dermatological clinic and professional aesthetics
– Provides Dr. Seolreim, a professional medical and clinical cosmetics brand
– Provides the Belle series based on professional beauty devices
2. Operation of early establishment program for starters
– Support of 4 professional beauty devices (Belle up, Belle clean, Belle shine, Belle mix)
– Supports professional cosmetics developed and produced by Seolreim dermatology
– Temporary deposit exemption system (up to 30 stores)
3. Operation of Bellelumie’s various, unique programs
– Operation of various programs utilizing the professional beauty devices, Belle series, and hand care
4. Operation of Bellelumie’s differentiated curriculum
– Practical training through the specialized clinical know-how of Seolreim dermatology
– Operation of 1:1 matching system for the entire curriculum from basic skin theory to practice
5. Various support system for starters.
– Operation of an early establishment program for starters
– Systematic support system from training to shop opening preparation

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Beauty Care Lineup

·Belle Up Total Care

·Belle Clean Total Care

Skin Master Class

Bellelumie’s professional and differentiated training system One-stop training system from basic skin theory and practice, the latest aesthetics trends and techniques, to all the information and practical training necessary for operating a shop.

Differentiated on-site training
– Fundamental training from basic skin theory to practice
– In-depth skincare and professional practical training for each stage of class
Integrated marketing
– Integrated on and offline marketing training to increase sales and offer continuous management support
Continuous communication
– The sharing of various information through the community such as the latest skin beauty trends and online marketing information

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Field Sketch

Velvety tones to make you comfortable
in any room from consultation to treatment.

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