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It contains the heart of Bellelumie to make every women in the world beautiful.

Bellumière is a composite word of the French terms Belle (a beauty) + Lumière (light)
created to convey the significance of presenting not only outward beauty,
but also healthy beauty that stems from the inner aspect of human beings.
Bellumière is a brand that was born of the question,
“how can we present ultimate and unchanging beauty to our clients?”
As a composite word of Belle (a beauty) and Lumière (light), it will assist you to
illuminate the inner feminine shine and be reborn as a beautiful woman.

[ At Bellelumie, we are committed to help pursue your dreams for the ultimate beauty. ]

Brand Introduction

Bellelumie aspires to realize the ideal dream beauty for more of our customers by
simultaneously providing specialized beauty devices and optimized cosmetics
in the domestic aesthetic market.
Bellelumie is a pure domestic premium beauty brand that will lead the next-generation
beauty market with a variety of programs and specialized services using clinically
proven professional beauty devices and professional cosmetics


Our Vision

Ultimate beauty is what we strive for.

Unique Skincare System
We manage and support
professional skincare programs that
practice high-quality services and
specialized technologies.
Only Bellelumie
Bellelumie offers clean and
healthy solutions formulated by the
Seolreim Beauty Group (Tramix, Cica Care,
In-and-Out Soothing Care, Dual
Effect, etc.).
Our Future
Placing customer satisfaction
at our highest priority, we aim to lead
Korea’s advanced skincare market with a
premium product line and systematic
treatment programs.

Our Slogan

Bellumière represents the sincerity of Bellumière in its
desire to make all women in the world more beautiful.

Our Concept

Bellumière has the ambition to offer ideal beauty to our clients by providing
innovative cosmetic devices and the optimized cosmetics to the aesthetic market simultaneously.

We provide a one-stop beauty solution for health and beauty through the meeting of Bellev Co., Ltd,
a professional aesthetic beauty device company, and the skin and body care clinical know-how of Seolreim Dermatology Group.

Brand BI

Bellelumie bases its brand on the motif that desires all women in the world to achieve their ideal beauty,
adapted from the French expression “La Belle Reve,” or the beautiful dream.

PANTONE coated 2237 C
PROCESS : C0 / M38 / Y26 / K0
RGB WEB : R245 / G181 / B171

PANTONE coated 7604 C
PROCESS : C0 / M20 / Y15 / K0
RGB WEB : R250 / G217 / B210

Bellumière uses pink, the color of beautiful women, as its main color to demonstrate the
desire of Bellumière to make all women in the world more beautiful by providing the
highest quality services in Korea as a specialized aesthetic clinic.

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